A brand new product

Good effort from our engineering and production offices made it possible! We have released a brand new product: a compact multipurpose winch available for rent or sale! Ask us more about it here: or message us at CONTACT US

A brand new product! 13 dec 2020


PROIECT DE FUZIUNE cu privire la fuziunea prin absorbtie in SC TIE SERVICES INTERNATIONAL SRL (“societate absorbanta”) a SC ROMICA ENGINEERING 2003 SRL (“societate absorbita”). Click aici pentru vizualizarea documentului.

Proiect de fuziune TIE SERVICES SRL-ROMICA 2003 SRL publicat pe site-ul official ORCT in data de 25.11.2020: click aici

16 nov 2020


Refurbishment and upgrade of a Winch made back in 2012. Details here : or message us at CONTACT US

Refurbishment and upgrade! 5 Oct 2020

Heavy lift winch for geotechnical drilling market

We are proud to announce the delivery of a brand new product for one of our esteemed customers: a heavy lift winch for geotechnical drilling market. Details here : or message us at CONTACT US

New product! 15 Sep 2020

New for sale or rent

New product available now for rent or sale! Check details here or ask us more: or message us at CONTACT US

New for sale or rent 02 Jul 2020

Newly released product

Newly released product by Romica TIE Group for one of our valuable customers in the UK. For inquires regarding our products and engineering services write to us at or message us at CONTACT US

Newly released product 17 Jun 2020

New product release

Check out our new product release! For additional information, you can write to us at

New product release 07 May 2020

Sales Brochures

Deck Machinery/Build to Print/Bespoke Design to ensure the offshore energy, oceanographic research, dredging, ocean & seabed survey markets launch, use and recovery off board assets safely and reliably.

Sales Brochures 06 May 2020